Friday, March 13, 2009

Now is The Time To Buy Property

The property market has been as bearish as the stock markets for quite some time but let me tell you why I believe that thgis is about to change.

My experience as an investor in the European market has taught me some valuavble lessons. While many people were rushing to throw cash at properties in Europe at the height of the boom circa 2005/2006 the canny and exparienced investor was doing his/her homework and looking at ways to either offload at a good profit or establish a cashflow that would get him/her through the downcycle.

Far too many people took a gamble on property appreciating and interest rates ramaining stable and did not do their due diligence. Properties in the most outlandish areas were bought on a wing and a prayer. These inexperienced investors are the ones who have taken the greatest hits and will probably never again invest in property.

My view however, is that now is the time for all inexperienced investors to begin their education in investment. I reckon if you give yourself six months to get to understand the market and have your research done then you will be ready to pounce at what will be the most opportune. time.

My reasoning behind this is based on pure simple economics of supply and demand. The oversupply of properties has been one of the main contributing factors in

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